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Good early morning, everyone!  Sorry to send this so late–I’m still fighting some leg infection issues and some other issues are causing me to get behind on this and other projects.  I apologize…

Meeting Time!  Starting this month we will devote no more than one hour to the general meeting, with an activity or training taking place the second hour.  

And THIS MONTH–I’m officially becoming a geezer!  yup, I turn 65 in June–already on medicare, having new aches and pains I never had before; and I had a call from my car dealer scheduling the installation of the permanently on left turn signal on the Jeep.  (It was also suggested I trade it in on a Buick…)  So there WILL be treats–Deb is bringing coffee and I’ll be providing my famous ‘death by chocolate’ brownies…

Meeting This Week!  What’s a GO! Kit and Why Do I Need One?  or Two?  or Three?

Yes, it’s meeting time again–and there’s lots happening we need to discuss!  I won’t bore you with details right this minute–but the topic of the month is/are GO! Kits.  The need for a kit is obvious–when called upon for just about anything as emergency communicators, you can’t waste time looking for all of the stuff you will need to take along.  You need to have it all in one spot–and packed/ready to go.  We’ll look at kits for all occasions…OK, maybe a few select kits that will cover most any need!  A Day kit for working events or a day project; and additional kits for longer term deployments.  We’ll also cover electronics kits that will help keep your radios working in the field.  There will be displays of kits and a fun activity, too.  If you have a kit, bring it!  If you don’t we will have lists and information about not only personal kits but how to assemble them for family and households, too.

Shirts!  I am attaching the order form for shirts–if you are interested, please get your order ready–Brad wants to place the order soon!

Norfolk Field Day Moved– 

The Norfolk Club Field Day location had to be moved this week–they discovered their club insurance would not cover them operating at the airport while the Fly-In airshow is in progress.  It’s unfortunate as they are expecting 10,000 people to attend the show on Saturday and Sunday.  It would have been a super public relations event.  They have moved it back to their usual location at Woodland Park.  I’ll have more information at the meeting.

More to come very soon!


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